A Good Sleep is Vital to Better Health

A good night's sleep is essential to your health and well being. It is the time when both your mind and body can rest and recover.

A good night's sleep is essential to your health and well-being. It is the time when both your mind and body can rest and recover. Much of the healing that your body performs occurs during your sleep hours.

Having difficulty sleeping generally indicates lifestyle imbalances. Correcting these imbalances helps you get back to the restful and restorative sleep that you deserve.

Here are three simple steps you can try to achieve a more restful sleep.

Step 1: Balance Your Physical and Mental Fatigue At the end of the day,
many people are more mentally than physically tired. The first step to getting
a restful sleep is to participate in regular physical activity. Walking, performing
postural exercises or playing a sport will help you feel both mentally and
physically tired making it easier to get a good sleep.
Step 2: Consciously Turn Off Your Day Create a pre-bedtime ritual to help
slowly relax your mind and prepare your for a good night's sleep. Reading a
book with a strong positive message, listening to quieting music or taking a
few moments to meditate sets the right mood before sleep. Avoid watching
television, especially if it has violent or disturbing content, because it tends
to activate, rather than quiet, your mind.

Step 3: Try Napping or Quiet Time During the day, either in a chair or on
your bed, try just resting or even taking a short nap to keep you from getting
over-tired. You can also use the Decompression Position with abdominal
breathing to relax your spine and mind.

Some experts believe that allowing yourself to rest may be more important in the long run than sleep. Rest is when you allow yourself the time to sit, slow your mind and just do nothing. Resting when you are tired is an act of self kindness and has a profound de-stressing effect on the mind and body.

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