Gov. Quinn Needs a Geography Lesson

Looks like Illinois is losing more job opportunities because of the state leadership.

It looks like Illinois is losing more job opportunities because of the state's leadership. Control of the state Senate and House have been in the hands of the Democrats for decades now and is currently under the leadership of John Cullerton, the Senate president, Michael Madigan, the House speaker and Skokie's own Lou Lang, Assistant Majority Leader.  Caterpillar cites Illinois' unbalanced budget and hostile business climate for its choice to open its new plant in Athens, Ga. and not in Illinois.  As you may remember, Caterpillar had received tax breaks from the state. However, it still views Illinois as being dysfunctional.  As I see it, if we can't compete with other states, we will continue losing vital job opportunities and much needed taxes. 

Quinn says "Caterpillar's decision to bypass the state was based almost entirely on Illinois' lack of ocean access and had little to do with the state's business climate." Last time I checked, Mr. Governor, Illinois has access to the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. Besides, Athens, Ga. is not exactly a stone's throw from an ocean.

Caterpillar CEO Doug Oberhelman penned an explanatory Sunday column in the Chicago Tribune claiming "Illinois hasn't done what's needed to balance its budget and Illinois is among the most expensive states for workers' compensation rates."

Vincet Romano is running against 16th District incumbent Lou Lang for State Representative. For more information on Romano, click here.

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Gags February 20, 2012 at 05:47 PM
Gov. Quinn needs to get out of Springfield. Madigan needs to get out too. This state is in a horrible mess and all they can think of is what back door taxes to raise.Now they are going to push a gun registration tax statewide to make Rahm Immanuel happy . You can't even own a gun in the city but he wants Madigan and Quinn to pass this tax to tap into more suburban dollars. Term limits. Term linmits.Term limits.
John Ruberry February 21, 2012 at 02:29 AM
The jobs exodus will get worse now that Indiana is a right-to-work state.
Vincent W. Romano February 21, 2012 at 02:32 PM
While I believe the people control the term limits...by voting them out. I have promised to not serve more than four (4)- two (2) year terms as State Representative. Lang has been in 25 years, Madigan 40 and Cullerton 30. You can own a gun in the city of Chicago. Always have been able to own a long gun, then after the Supreme court case of McDonald vs Chicago, handguns were no longer banned (Rahm had to cut a check for $395,000 to pay for the legal fees too). Prior to that, it could only be a handgun that had been registered before 1982. You currently have to pay hundreds of dollars for training and permits to be able to exercise your 2nd amendment right in the city of Chicago. Maybe they will figure that kind of system out to exercise your 1st amendment...they do need the funds.


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