Dogwood Pool Will Miss Summer 2012 Opening

Delay in construction means pool likely won't be ready until short late-September test run.

which was closed for renovations this summer and last summer, will not be ready in time for the 2012 swim season, Reston Association officials said.

Larry Butler, Parks and Recreation Director, said several delays in construction means the association now hopes to have the pool open for a short test run in late September.

Construction had originally been set to start in December 2011. It was delayed until May of 2012 as RA and Fairfax County engaged in the permit and review process.

The Dogwood Pool renovation project includes additional parking, a new bath house and 25-meter lap pool, as well as many other improvements. The project contractor is NVblu Inc.

The RA Board authorized the renovations, expected to cost $1.4 million spread out over three years. The renovations were approved by the Design Review Board and the Reston Planning and Zoning Committee in 2010.

Dogwood Pool is located at 2460 Green Range Dr., near the intersection of Glade Drive. The current facility went into service in 1979. It is a small, shallow pool with no modern features and the bath house is not ADA compliant. It is the only pool in short walking distance of a high-density neighborhood.

The Dogwood upgrades are part of RA's long-range pool renovations strategy. The association operates 15 pools in Reston.

Cheryl Beamer, Hunters Woods/Dogwood Director says people in the community tell her that the pool is "sorely missed," but they understand the issues.

"A couple of people did not know why the pool was closed and feared budget constraints had derailed the possibility of renovations," she said. "They were, of course, relieved to learn that their pool was getting much-needed attention and pleased RA had made the commitment to reinvest in their corner of this community."  

RA has been providing neighborhood children with transportation to other pools.

John Farrell August 03, 2012 at 12:27 AM
There is no rational excuse for the 7 month delay experienced by the neighbors of Dogwood pool. The site plan processing for this renovation was completely mishandled by Larry Butler and Ken Chadwick. Beamer pretending that the loss of the use of the pool for entire season during one of the hottest summers in memory was not the result of human agency is completely irresponsible. I sat through multiple RA board meeting this past winter and spring as Chadwick and Butler blamed everybody but themselves for the repeated delays. There needs to be some accountability for this fiasco within RA; not more panglossian spin and denial from Townsend. Fess up, boys! Explain to the customers exactly how you blew it.
Michael August 03, 2012 at 03:10 AM
I love how on the RA website it looks as if the Dogwood pool is currently open. The list of pool facilities says all are open, and includes the Dogwood pool in the list of facilities with no mention of construction whatsoever. There's one tiny little link to "Dogwood Pool Renovations" hiding off in another part of the screen, which doesn't appear correctly depending on the browser/OS combination you're using. RA may not have been competent to manage the timelines of a well-known permitting process - now it appears they can't even construct a webpage with clear and accurate information for all to see. It wouldn't have been that hard to put the notice in the main frame of the webpage, or black-out this pool from the list of open facilities!


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