Lake Anne Elementary Construction at Halfway Point

Renovations on schedule.


There is a lot that is new at  : a new principal, new teachers, and brand-new classrooms.

Midway through the renovation project, the results at Lake Anne are beginning to take shape.

“I see changes every day,” said Lake Anne principal Brendan Menuey.

The entryway and school offices have a new look after months of construction that began last year. An entire new wing has been built, connecting two previously separated portions of the building.  This year’s third grade classes are in completely new classrooms.

Two music rooms have been expanded and renovated and two art rooms will be completed soon. 

Menuey has been busy all summer selecting new furniture, rugs and storage for the new spaces.  

Menuey calls the renovation his "change agent." With the updated classrooms comes the ability to update technology within them. The new classrooms have wi-fi connectivity, integrated SmartBoards and other technology the older classrooms were unable to support.

For the contractors, the big undertaking at the moment is the library, the “masterpiece," according to Menuey.

All of the books were moved out of the old space, now demolished. Temporarily housed in a multi-purpose room, the library will still be able to offer access to the books the students need and want to check out. The new library area, larger and revamped, is scheduled to be completed in February.

Students in grades 4 through grade 6 are still in the temporary classrooms while work continues this year.  Next summer, the gym and cafeteria will be updated. By opening day of the 2012-13 school year, all the students should be back in the building.

Photos of the construction progress are posted on the school’s website.


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