Fairfax County Announces Closure Information for Thursday, Jan. 23

Closure information for Thursday, Jan. 23 in Fairfax County.

Fairfax County public schools will be closed on Thursday, Jan. 23. Offices will open on time.

The following activities in schools and on school grounds are canceled:
  • extracurricular activities
  • interscholastic contests
  • team practices
  • field trips
  • middle school after-school programs
  • professional learning and training courses
  • all adult and community education classes
  • recreation programs and community use by outside groups not affiliated with FCPS

School Age Child Care (SACC) centers are closed. 

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jb January 23, 2014 at 01:53 PM
Everyone, this is my last post on the subject, but I wanted to address some of the points raised. Michael: I agree; politics is not the issue here. I may be a Dem but I don’t think that this should be a partisan issue. I do disagree with you about the whole county issue. Arlington and Alexandria were open today (albeit delayed) and I was in Great Falls very early today in my work, in addition to other parts of the county. They were fine for school. Curmudgeon. I also agree that daycare is a problem when school closes; it happens to be a problem shared by a lot of working mothers and fathers. I think that a lot of us would agree with me that when school closes unreasonably it creates an unnecessary problem for them. 2 income families should be entitled to expect that school is held on days when it is reasonable. If it was unsafe, I would say close the school. This was not the case today. I obviously thought Monday was a day that should have been off given the snow. However, FCPS, given the number of 2 income families in Fairfax clearly needs to consider this issue when making questionable call-off decisions like the one made today. They have a significant impact on working families. I think that today was a very far reach. By the way, our FCPS school functions as a daycare as well; it operates a SACC after-care program where parents (like me) pay the FCPS for after school care. When school is closed, after school care is closed as well (no refunds). You asked what I suggest. I suggest (expect) parents to step up in situation like this and walk their kids to school if need be. If that is too far to go, then parents should walk them to the bus or drop them off by car. All of these options were doable today. Hopefully, Friday is different. Take care.
Catherine January 23, 2014 at 02:54 PM
I believe the reason Arlington and Alexandria opened were because most of the kids walk and they don't have the problem with so many buses.
John G January 23, 2014 at 05:43 PM
Why can't the bus routes have an alternate designated 'central spots' near a more trafficked intersection (presumably these roads would be better cleared) when side roads are too icy? The children could walk the extra 500 feet to get to these spots (HA! all of the kids seem fine to be out playing in the weather or at home watching their 50in flat screen TVs) The storm is a laugh in itself - there was less than 6 inches of snowfall with days of advance notice and the snow stopped nearly 12 hours before school time . I refuse to buy the argument that children don't have boots in this area for economic reasons - the holidays are just concluded and I'll bet they all have or got iPhones and iPads....but BOOTS?? What a horrid present!
The Convict January 23, 2014 at 07:12 PM
As a point of clarification (which might be just splitting hairs), FCPS does not operate SACC; the County government does. ----- I might also add that, if you were advocating for the single parent households, then your argument might have more validity. But a two income family...
Michael January 23, 2014 at 08:57 PM
It's quite myopic to assume that because kids in your family, or your neighborhood, are well-off, everyone must be. I know lots of kids without iPhones and iPads. In some schools close to 50% of kids don't even have a computer or internet access at home. If you've been following the budget debates you know that real poverty is on the rise in wealthy Fairfax. I also know that at 10 am I saw drivers sliding almost uncontrollably down a hill between Great Falls and Dranesville. There was only a little snow, but PLENTY of ice. As I said before, that was the main issue. An extra day has given crews time to clear things out, and on Friday, contrary to Roobert's prediction, a delay is all that is necessary.


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