Work to Begin on Beulah Road Bridge

Roads reduced to one lane through December.

The Virginia Department of Transportation begins work Wednesday to rehabilitate the structurally deficient Beulah Road bridge over Wolftrap Run in Fairfax County.

Crews will fill voids under bridge footings, repair existing abutments and footings, repair bearings, and mill and overlay the bridge deck and approaches.

Beginning Sept. 5, Beulah Road will be reduced to a single lane, controlled by a temporary signal, at the intersection of Browns Mill Road in Fairfax County. This traffic pattern will remain in place through the project’s completion in December. During peak hours, drivers should consider using alternate routes.

Message signs are in place to notify drivers of the upcoming work 

Tammi Petrine August 26, 2012 at 05:24 PM
All of Reston should pray that this project is finished BEFORE Jan. 1, 2013 when MORE commuters will jump off DTR as tolls are increased. The Browns Mill/Beulah route is a huge link in the bypass of the DTR for many seeking financial relief from the ONLY toll road in NOVA. Without this route, that many more (and it's a big # if you've ever waited in the stop sign backups!) folks will have to link up with Rt 7 by going through RESTON. What a shame that the tolls are driving so many off a facility that Restonians have paid for many times over for the last 30 YEARS and that our local politicians are parlaying into the golden goose to pay for 54% of the entire Silver Line for the next 40 YEARS!!! Doesn't this make you mad??? It sure makes me furious. The big boys are pulling in all the cash for the new Silver Line through inflated costs (Hush, don't rock that boat!) AND increased land values but no one is sticking up for the little guys - US, the residents and small business owners. This is why the RCA (Reston Citizens Association not to be confused with RA, the HOA) tried several years ago to get an incorporated status for Reston; so that this abuse would have been impossible. Again we were rebuffed by all local pols. Unless our elected "representatives" hustle and fix this terrible financing plan for the Silver Line, as much as it kills me to say it, maybe it's time for a change.
Anne Thomas August 27, 2012 at 12:41 AM
I agree that using toll road revenue to finance silver line is unfair, Richmond has left no other options for financing the project. I am glad that Reston is not incorporated. It would be another barrier to getting transportation projects done. I think our local pols have the big picture in focus.
Freddie August 27, 2012 at 03:37 PM
It used to be that tolls were placed on a road to pay for a road. Now tolls are to subsidize people who don't even use the road. So drivers are to be squeezed.
Tammi Petrine August 28, 2012 at 06:36 AM
Hi Anne Thomas, Four years ago, I might have had the same beliefs as you. Then I began to get involved with civic affairs and attended dozens of informative meetings, becoming “educated” in development in Fairfax County. Our processes for getting infrastructure built is archaic at best. The Silver Line is in "town" in 2014 yet the funding for any substantive new DTR crossings or traffic control is YEARS off in spite of all of the major intersections BEFORE arrival of Metro are "F" rated. In fact, the only current improvement on any list is the Soapstone Crossing. This project MAY jump forward on the "list" but there is no guarantee. Incorporation would have nothing negative to do with it. The state system for road construction is so politically influenced that it is ineffective. In central VA, a spectacular 4 lane divided highway with all the bells and whistles serves of a very sparsely populated farmland/mountain area. We would kill for such a road around here where it would serve huge numbers of citizens. Our local pols are not evil people. However, how many times must citizens' welfare, fairness and common sense be the last consideration? Specifically Ken Plum and Supervisor Hudgins championed the Silver Line with NO due diligence to investigate the adverse affects and risks of MAJORITY funding of the entire line by DTR tolls or insure alternative sources. Indeed, their "big picture" was never and is not now "in focus."
TUes92 August 28, 2012 at 12:21 PM
It's laughable to even extend the silver line further and further into the suburbs. If people wanted easy transportation to Tysons and DC, then they shouldn't keep moving farther away. The DC metro region's transportation was designed as a hub-and-spoke to get people to DC, not to Tysons, and certainly not to Reston. If we're really concerned with revenue and serving those out in 'burbs, then the congestion issues on rt 66 are far worse than those on the toll road. When they were doing all the 66 expansion work, why not run a line from the 66/29 intersection Gainesville area, above ground, straight along (or down the middle) of route 66, and connect to the end of the orange line. Make it an express line, with no stops before Vienna; build a giant parking garage at 29/66 next to the station and charge $20 a day to park. Heck, you could charge even more and people would jump at the change to get off 66 and avoid the hour commute. It would be a revenue enhancer and congestion reducer.
Jocelyn Hsu September 04, 2012 at 01:57 PM
I am confused. The press release by VDOT and the first paragraph of this article say the bridge over Wolftrap Run - this is not the bridge over the toll road. I know they are working on the bridge over the toll road but I am trying to understand where the road will go to one lane and it appears it will be on the Rt. 7 side of Browns Mill and not over the toll Road. Can anyone explain before I head out that way on my commute tomorrow morning?


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