What's Up With That?

Who is behind those hand-lettered signs? And which Ken is the writer against?

In the last several weeks, hand-lettered signs have popped up on and near Reston Parkway saying such things as "Ken's Against Reston" and Ken = High Tols (sic)."

Who  - or what group - is behind the signs? And who is Ken?

The signs are a project of a 2010 Reston Association board candidate and

Koozmin also recently created the Reston Citzens Community Center.

Koozmin says he is against longtime Virginia Del. Ken Plum (D-Reston), the founder of the Dulles Corridor Rail Association, because of his involvement in the effort for rail to Dulles, as well as Plum's stance during a grassroots efforts to gain town status for Reston more than five years ago.

"The citizens are fed up with Plum," Koozmin said in an email. The [expletive]  took the town charter away so Reston would never have a voice in its governance. Now, the rise in tolls.

Koozmin is trying to organize a rally against Plum for Feb. 18, while Plum is holding a community meeting at

 "I'm sure those folks are highly informed and motivated to protest the yoke of Ken Plum, as will the Reston Citizens Association, who remember the treatment of the town effort by Mr. Plum and the 4,700 who signed the petition, not to mention the many citizens who are hurting from the toll rise perpetuated by Mr Plum," Koozmin said.

While the placement of the signs may be subject to state penalties, Plum says Koozmin, under the rules of free speech, has the right make the signs.

"I recognize that in public office people will criticize you," says Plum. "But there is probably a more appropriate forum than roadside signs."

Rod's Sharpening Service February 11, 2012 at 07:16 PM
Scott are you too against Democracy in Reston?
Scott February 11, 2012 at 07:29 PM
No Rod I am all for democracy and vote in each and every election. Inasmuch, that is how my voice is heard. You on the other hand take your delusional thinking and post it publicly under the auspice of representing my voice; and Sir you do not! I have to admit I find it rather entertaining in a warped sort of way how you preach about "God and Country" and "Religion in the schools" but your posts are riddled with profanity and narcissism. Our only hope is that the Patch keeps the citizens of Reston informed on your actions so your name becomes synonymous with delusional and distorted.
Rod's Sharpening Service February 11, 2012 at 08:10 PM
Well then let me ask you this Scott, If you are as you say for Democracy, what is your position regarding Plum taking away the possability of ever being a town by taking away the Whille charter. I find this a diabalical act! What is your position on this?
Scott February 11, 2012 at 08:18 PM
Rob - Your request is no appropriate for the article. The article is about you placing signs in Reston with your personal opinion. My reply was directly related to the article your request is not.
Karen Goff February 11, 2012 at 09:05 PM
OK, Rod. We get it. You are not a fan of Ken Plum's. But I think you are confusing two issues. The Wiehle Charter was revoked so long ago (1989) that there is not even much info on it. But here is a link to written by the county atty as to why the original wiehle charter would not be appropriate for a modern town: http://digilib.gmu.edu:8080/dspace/bitstream/1920/1850/1/533_03_01.pdf And here is some info from Del. Plum on the 2007 petition that was circulated. http://www.kenplum.com/articles07/oct0307e.html I think this thread has gotten way off track, so I am shutting down the comments.


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