U.S. Tech Officer, Officials Support Read for Council at Dolce Veloce

Read has one more campaign event scheduled for March, another in April.

Catherine Read for Council supporters and local officials took over Dolce Veloce in Fairfax City for her campaign kickoff event on March 11. 

Cicchetti wine bar owners Joe and Sharon Ricciardi provided the drinks and atmosphere while Read chatted up city council members, Sen. Chap Petersen, Del. David Bulova, Fairfax County School Board member Ryan McElveen and other big names. 

Aneesh Chopra, former U.S. chief technology officer, discussed innovative ways local businesses and government can promote themselves. Before taking on his federal role, Chopra served four years as Virginia's secretary of technology.

Read's next event will take place on March 24 at Evie Ifantide's house on Virginia Street off Roberts. She'll head to Blenheim on April 13 for Thomas Jefferson's birthday.

Click here to see Read's campaign website. Follow her on Facebook.

Cherie Lejeune March 15, 2012 at 09:16 PM
Catherine’s kickoff party was exactly true to form.... She is 100% “what you see, is what you get person” which s rare these days in the political realm. She can bring the world to the palm of her hand with her digital skills and then share those abilities and tactical knowledge which, used in the context of local government means raising opportunities and meaningful connections, all good. Catherine is someone who can enjoy almost any activity (great sense of humor) and, she rates as a good listener too. I have observed also that she is a fighter in the best sense, seeking always positive solutions without throwing a “no” without first having either another approach or plan. I have known Catherine for only 2 years but it seems like a life-time which means I could always count on and trust her, and I’ve had 6 decades learning about friendship. Fairfax City would get a true defender and innovator if they vote her onto the council. Just wish I could myself. If you are a FFX City person, hope you meet her soon, you will not be disappointed.
sharon ricciardi March 17, 2012 at 12:39 PM
We are lucky to have Catherine here in Fairfax City, now lets put her in a place where she can assist with making things happen for the best!


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