RA Votes To Install 'No Smoking' Signs

Reminders of ban will cost $5,000.

voted on Monday to install "No Smoking" signs at 122 common areas, including tot lots, soccer fields, garden plots and tennis courts.

The move to remind residents of RA's ban on smoking was proposed by North Point director Mike Collins.

The signs will cost $41 each, totalling around $5,000. RA CEO Milton Matthews says the cost will come out of the 2011 budget, not the 2012 budget that was passed last month.

Signs are already in place at Reston's pools and community buildings.

Collins said he wants the signs to be there to remind peple "we have a policy."

Hunters Woods/Dogwood director Cheryl Beamer says in tough economic times, $5,000 could be better spent elsewhere.

"Times are tough," she said. "That is $5,000 we could give to building batting cages or IPAR. It could go in a whole different direction than signage. This has an element of self rightousness.  We don't have a problem with people smoking at our facilities. "

Beamer added it seemed excessive to  "react with $5,000 expenditure because we have one small, vocal group that has blitzed us with information."
At-large director Tom Vis said without someone there to enforce the rule, "I don't know what signs will accomplish."

"There isn't a monitor there," he said. "We know it is  a regulation. I don't know if a sign makes it a better regulation."
The motion was passed 5 votes to 4.

JoAnne Norton December 06, 2011 at 10:48 PM
I think this is really excessive. There are a lot of people struggling to pay their dues and 5000 could be used at other places. Reston is not going to be a place where all income levels are welcomed. Smoking has decreased drastically.
Suz December 07, 2011 at 12:54 AM
What research was done to limit the cost of the signs if it is so imperative that they be posted? As someone stated on Restonian - RA could have purchased the signs at Home Depot for $12.50/ea. Good For Cheryl Beamer - I wish she we had someone like her representing North Reston....
Bridget V. Murphy December 07, 2011 at 02:19 AM
Wish Chery Beamer would address the problems in Hunter Woods like all the public drinking
John Farrell December 07, 2011 at 11:04 AM
So $41-12.50=28.50 x122 signs=$3477/ 21,346 RA households=$0.16/RA household Oh, the humanity! Of course, the $41 signs just might be more substantial and more consistent with the RA design template than the $12 Home Depot signs. And the RA Board spent 45 minutes on this minutiae because the RA staff refused to put up the signs without a Board vote? Meanwhile. $450,000 in recreational proffer money is not pursued?! Seriously?


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