RA Approves $103,823 For Unexpected Expenses

Storms cleanup, aquatic weed control among unbudgeted costs.

Cleanup from June's Derecho and other storms cost Reston Association an additional $103,823.

The RA Board of Directors last week approved a budget amendment that that amount be added to the 2012 Operating Budget in order to cover unbudgeted items.

Among them:

Storm Related Expenses

* $3,000 for tree crews working overtime

* $4,368 for crane rental for tree work

* $9,550 for contract removal of trees that RA was not able to do in-house

* $9,314 to survey property corners to establish RA property

General Unbudgeted Expenses

* $4,000 for weekend invasive exotic removal with Weed Warriors

* $5,489 for Chipper Repair

* $33,740 to hire a contractor to grade out and stabilize a dredge spoil site. The site was built for a 2010 lake dredging project.

* $29,245 for additional engineering effort to prepare Emergency Action Plan and meet new code requirements for submittal to state for dam re-certification

* $7,446 to treat Lake Thoreau for acquatic weeds

* $127, 401 to cover $100,000 in budget cuts during the developement process

Those expenses total $233,573, but about $129,000 of costs will be covered by areas in the budget that came in under budget this year.


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