MWAA: Silver Line Phase 2 Costs on Target

Project should come in around $2.7 billion, according to MWAA Preliminary Engineering study.

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority on Tuesday released the Preliminary Engineering cost estimate to Fairfax and Loudoun County officials for Phase 2 of the Dulles Rail Project to build 11.4 miles of rail through the Dulles Corridor to Dulles International Airport and Loudoun County.

 “A year ago, the projected cost for Phase 2 of the Dulles Rail Project was $3.8 billion," said Jack Potter President and CEO of the Airports Authority. "Today, we have confirmed a project cost of $2.7 billion as a result of the elimination of the underground station at Dulles Airport, value engineering savings and the counties’ agreement to build the parking garage. 

"This has been accomplished due to the hard work done in negotiations initiated by US Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood with the MWAA Board of Directors, Loudoun County, Fairfax County, the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority," Potter said.

MWAA has predicted a savings of about $1 billion after changes were made.

A 90-day review period for Fairfax and Loudoun Counties begins now begins. It begins March 7 and ends June 4.

The Airports Authority will begin the procurement process for the design and construction of the 11.4-mile line, including the six stations, upon Fairfax and Loudoun Counties confirmation of their commitment to the project.

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Bob Bruhns March 07, 2012 at 06:50 AM
Once again, we hear the pretense that pushing the costs onto Loudoun and Fairfax Counties, is a saving. It's not a saving. Public-Private deals will involve huge paybacks such as outside ownership of parking fees, or some part of station ticket fees, for generations - if not forever. Those parking fees and ticket percentages could have reduced taxes and tolls... but they won't. The Dulles Rail Phase II Rt 28 station cost is about 100% high. The Dulles Rail Phase II parking garage costs are about 70% high. The total cost of Dulles Rail Phase II is about 100% high. The FTA and our leaders don't know or care about that? Dulles Rail Phase II costs twice what it should. Could this have something to do with the difficulty we are facing in paying for it? What a concept! Worse yet, the toll revenue projections are unrealistically high, and long term borrowing to pay these excessive costs will add huge finance charges to the cost of this system. And people will not pay excessive Toll Road tolls, they will flood the local streets to avoid them. The design of the Dulles airport track route is massively flawed, too. Right now, three miles of elevated rail is planned at Dulles Airport - more than is being built in Tysons Corner! It's a loop, when it should be a dead-end spur. A dead-end spur can be done at much lower cost, and it can be done mostly at ground level. JUST SAY NO to double priced rail! Demand something better, NOW!
Tammi Petrine March 07, 2012 at 07:28 PM
Yay. Whoop. Terrific. We'll see. But what about the outrageous tolls to continue to use the toll road? WAKE UP RESTION!!! In today's dollars, you WILL be paying $6.75 ONE WAY TO TYSONS, 3 times today's toll, by 2018. OMG! THIS IS NOT OK. No way in HELL should WE, DTR users, be paying for 75% of the Silver Line, Phase 2 costs and over 54% of the entire project costs from W. Falls Church to Dulles. Are you serious!!! If YOU don't complain NOW about this, it will be shoved down our throats. Reston 2020 will help you complain. Google "Reston 2020" and our blog will assist you. C'mon, Folks, do the right thing for yourselves and our community. It's time to shout "NO" to the power folks who are lazy thinkers and are taking the easy way out on our backs. I don't mind paying taxes for legitimate uses but this is crazy, lazy "planning" that will not work and will be a HUGE negative influence on our beloved Reston. We are talking having the DTR users pay $10 Billion + for price of construction and financing costs. Crazy? You bet! And We want Metro to Dulles. We need to insist NOW that this financing fiasco be re-thought if we are to save Reston. IT CAN BE DONE IF YOU HELP NOW. Reston2020.blogspot.com/ Thank you! Tammi Petrine Co-Chair, Reston 2020
Bob Bruhns March 08, 2012 at 04:46 PM
I think that Fairfax and Loudoun counties are racing to a genuine disaster. Suffolk County, Long Island has the truly EXCELLENT Long Island Railroad providing rail access. Our little Dulles Rail simply does not even BEGIN to compare to the Long Island Railroad, and LIRR has been in place for decades - and yet, Suffolk County is in SERIOUS trouble. Here is an article about that, and it notes that Nassau County, Long Island has even WORSE problems! And the Long Island Railroad has been in place for DECADES. It's not a new multi-billion dollar startup like Dulles Rail. Suffolk County, N.Y., Declares Fiscal Emergency The Bond Buyer Tuesday, March 6, 2012 http://www.bondbuyer.com/news/suffolk-county-new-york-fiscal-emergency-1037097-1.html Wake up, people. Default can happen here. And the way Dulles Rail Phase II is overpriced and oversold, it probably will.
Bob Bruhns March 09, 2012 at 02:45 PM
Doug, nobody is able to justify the Dulles Rail Phase II costs. An all-underground system might cost this much - but this project is all above-ground. Its price is WAY out of line. The people who are pushing this huge overcharge are using the usual tactic of creating a false emergency, to justify panic acceptance of this horrible plan. We had the same thing happen in 2003, when a similar artificial emergency was created, to pressure Herndon to be part of the Phase I tax district - even though Phase I would stop at Wiehle Avenue in Reston. It was claimed that Herndon was killing the entire rail project, by refusing to be robbed! And of course, it was all just stongarm political pressure - and now we will see more of that, as yet another artificial emergency is declared, in order to force this double-priced monstrosity onto Fairfax and Loudoun Counties. It should be noted that Dulles Rail is clasified as 'heavy rail' in the USA, because it has its own right of way that does not involve rail crossing gates, etc. That makes it more expensive than what we call 'light rail' - but even so, its cost is OFF THE SCALE, even for heavy rail. All above-ground, yet it is in a price class with all-underground heavy-rail systems - that, in short, is a ripoff.


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