McDonnell Signs Amended Ultrasound Bill

Law requiring abdominal ultrasound before abortion goes into effect in July.

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) on Wednesday signed into law a controversial bill that requires women to have abdominal ultrasound exams before undergoing abortions. 

The law, which requires a woman to have an abdominal ultrasound prior to having an abortion, takes effect in July. The bill

The bill has been the subject of controversy, both in jabs from and

The bill was part of a wave of conservative legislation that had previously failed in the General Assembly, but was reintroduced this year when Republicans gained control of both the House and Senate.

Sen. Janet Howell (D-Reston), whose amendment to also mandate rectal exams for men seeking erectile dysfunction medication first drew national attention to this issue, said, “Governor McDonnell is putting his own personal beliefs before Virginia women and is making them go through an unnecessary, costly and intentionally traumatizing medical procedure.”

Other Senate Democrats agreed.

“This is a sad day for women's equality," said Sen. Barbara Favola (D-Arlington) "Today, Virginia joins the most restrictive states in the nation with respect to access to reproductive healthcare services. I fear women will seek back-ally, unsafe abortions because the long arm of the State is now between a woman and her doctor.”


Ann H Csonka March 08, 2012 at 10:25 AM
Sen. Janet Howell expressed it perfectly. Both my husband and I liked her amendment. It is ludicrous that supporters of such sick, insulting legislation often harangue about "big government", "keep govt out of our lives" and "Obamacare puts govt between patient and doctor” (another discussion). WHERE are their brains? The Guv & A.G. Cuccinelli rail about unfunded Federal mandates as unacceptable burdens on the State. But WHAT is this law? An unfunded STATE mandate foisted on women's medical treatment (for whatever reasons). WHO PAYS NOW? Women–by law! If unaffordable, WHO PAYS LATER? Women, children born, women mutilated for life by back-alley abortionists…all of us if unwanted kids are not loved, nurtured, fed, etc. This law is beyond “misguided”. IT IS A: -- MERCILESS MANDATE showcasing pathetic needs to control others. A few may take abortion lightly. A vast majority do not take it lightly. I do not. Life is sacred. I DO take serious offense at bossy politicians telling women “see what you're killing”…reconsider…repent...give birth. -- MINDLESS MANDATE imposing religious beliefs on citizens in a nation founded to gain freedom of religion and life choices. -- MISOGYNISTIC Personal choices are NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS! A vast majority of constituents agree. My body, my mind, my God (or whatever belief system), my doctor & baby & I count! Quit wasting tax dollars, time & energy! Shame on you and your theocratic Dominionist goals Gov. McDonnell!
Kathy March 08, 2012 at 02:10 PM
I did notice how few people voted in the primary in Virginia. It might be suggested that it was because Santorum wasn't on the ballot-- a religious fanatic who would like to see birth control made illegal and who says that if you are a blue collar worker your children shouldn't aspire to college. I think there was such a small turnout because Virginians are increasingly wary of a party that wants to shove fundamentalist religion down their throats. Are we watching a political party die? I think so. Do any Republicans care what I think? Does my one registered Democratic vote impact them in any way? They should consider that it does, because I am a Democrat who has been know to vote for Republicans. Lord knows, we all voted for Tom Davis. Will I be voting for Republicans in the future? No. Kathy Kaplan Reston
hilarie malmberg March 10, 2012 at 03:57 PM
Please see the video of the heavy-handed display of force against peaceful, vigil outside the Va. statehouse. Today's women's-rights rally at the State Capitol resulted in arrests and police in body armor. More on the story here: http://tinyurl.com/8xvbmwq / Photos by Scott Elmquist, Style Weekly By: Style Weekly


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