Kaine, Allen Each Issue Labor Day Statements

The U.S. Senate candidates put their political twists on holiday honoring the American worker.

U.S. Senate candidates George Allen (R) and Tim Kaine (D) sent dueling messages about Labor Day to their email distribution lists Monday to honor the holiday for American workers. Each candidate applied their own political observations relating the holiday as they vie to replace outgoing Sen. Jim Webb (D), who took the seat from Allen six years ago.

Allen’s statement:

“On Labor Day, we celebrate what has made America great: the diligence, creativity, and achievements of the American people. Americans are the most productive, innovative and hard-working people in the world.

“Unfortunately, many people in America are seeing their dreams diminished, with 23 million Americans out of work or underemployed.  Job-creators are facing more threats from harmful Washington policies including the health care tax law, high fuel prices, regulatory banning of coal, and the devastating potential loss of 200,000 Virginia jobs related to our national defense due to the failed "sequestration deal" of last summer. Under the policies of President Obama and Tim Kaine, small business owners' and their workers' ingenuity and hard work have been hindered with the prospect of higher taxes and costs, excessive regulation and increasing economic uncertainty.

“We have a responsibility to create a better future for our children with pro-job growth policies that will give small businesses the freedom and opportunity to grow, invest and create new jobs. By unleashing our American energy resources, thwarting higher taxes on job-creating business owners and reining an over-regulating government, America’s Comeback can begin with millions of new jobs for Americans.”

Kaine’s statement:

“Labor Day is a time for Americans to gather with friends and family to celebrate the wonderful system of entrepreneurship and free enterprise that has made our economy the world’s largest for more than a century. I developed a tremendous appreciation for this system working alongside great, productive workers in my father’s ironworking and welding shop. At a time when too many Americans are seeking work, it is important that we recommit ourselves to pursuing policies that create jobs, strengthen our economy, and position our workforce as the most talented in the world.

“Today, my friend Mark Warner and I will join our fellow Virginians for Labor Day celebrations across the Commonwealth. These events are wonderful reminders that people really care about results, not labels like Republican and Democrat. This is a time when we need more leaders in Washington who can work across lines of division, partisan or otherwise, to level the playing field for small businesses, invest in world-class infrastructure, and responsibly address our fiscal crisis. If we are to have the economic future we want, we must move beyond the politics that stokes conflict between labor and management, businesses and the environment, and political parties. If I have the honor of representing Virginia in the United States Senate I will join my friend Mark and others who want to work across the aisle to get things done.”

Sarah O'Neil September 04, 2012 at 06:40 PM
There's that number again: 23 million unemployed. Clint Eastwood used it in his rambling diatribe to the RNC and fact checkers immediately proved it to be overinflated. Yet here it is again! As many times as you repeat a falsehood, it does not become true.
Uncle Smartypants September 04, 2012 at 07:56 PM
Allow me to Summarize: Sen. Macaca: Happy Labor Day. All the problems in the world have been caused by Barack Obama and Tim Kaine. Gov. Kaine: Happy Labor Day. Let's work together.


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