Hudgins: Zoning Inquiries, Appeals Not New

There are many reasons - and they aren't all massive redevelopment - that Reston National owners are looking into zoning specifics, Hunter Mill Supervisor says.

Hunter Mill Supervisor Cathy Hudgins , the owners of, is "not a new thing."

"My interpretation is the property owner is asking what he can do with the property," said Hudgins. "It can be for future develpment, but it can also be for refinacing or to sell. The property owners asked for interpretation. The staff gave it. It is not a new thing.

"Twelve or 13 years ago, the question was raised 'was this open space an entitlement or could it be used for other uses?'" said Hudgins. "Staff said it is open space unless you want to get a PRC [Planned Residential Community] amendment."

More than a decade later, Reston National is still a golf course.

RN Golf Management will go before the Fairfax County Board of Zoning Appeals on Oct. 24. Last April,  

The April request was actually a follow-up by Cooley LLC attorney Mark Looney to a 2010 inquiry. It appears Looney did not get a response from the county then.

Said Looney in his April letter to Eileen McLane of the county planning and zoning office: "After exhaustive research of the official Fairfax County records, neither we nor County staff could find evidence of any written statements signed by or accepted by the rezoning applicant of the then-property owner, including any proffers, develpment conditions or any such restrictions that would preclude the property being used for and developed permitted or permissible uses."

To see Fairfax County's list of permitted and permissible uses in a PRC such as Reston, click here.

In its June 2012 response to Looney's most recent inquiry, the county said that any changes would have to go through the county master plan, as well as the Reston Master Plan and 

Hudgins says she thinks Reston National, as well as the other golf facility at, are a nice addition to the community.

"I think if you look at the amenities Reston has, the two golf courses enhance what we have," she said. "We have residential enhanced by open space."

Hudgins says the county uses a guideline of 25 percent open space.

"We rarely give space up," she said. "We are always looking to bring in."

Reston Association President Ken Knueven said there are no RA documents that require a certain amount of open space within Reston.

"The original County documents that established the old RPC (now PRC) zoning may have had some basic requirements," he said. "One figure we do know is that RA has 20 percent of the open space in Reston (roughly 1,350 acres/6,750 total acres)."

When you add that number to cluster open spaces, county parks, school open spaces and, of course, the golf courses, the ratio climbs significantly higher.

Meanwhile, RA is sending a letter of support to residents of the clusters adjacent to Reston National. Those clusters have organized Rescue Reston and are

John Doe August 23, 2012 at 04:25 AM
"G", what do you think they are going to do with the golf course, build a park for disabled kids? You can bet the owners are planning something big. Consequently, they hire a local "made man" to look after their own interest. In addition, why is Hudgins talking to us as if we are clowns (she might be right given how passive we have been regarding these types of boondoggles). This is how most of these gangsters politicians talk to their constituents just before they sell our interest to the gangster developers for next to nothing! Restonian brings up a great point regarding Looney. Looney should resign from the Reston Task Force effective immediately! What is this Enron? Give me a break. Frankly, I'm tired of this unethical behavior. I say we vote out all of these clown politicians starting with Hudgins! Most sold their souls to the devil years ago anyway. These gangsters know that they need county tax revenue to pay for the ponzi scheme otherwise known as the Fairfax County Pension system. Wake up!
Nancy Mowry August 23, 2012 at 04:32 AM
Jim H - I understand. And it's good for a business to be profitable. People probably forget or don't understand what other values RN brings to the community and area organizations. Plus it's one of the more affordable places for a company or charity golf tournament to host an event vs. some of the private clubs which are twice as much. Like someone said here, there aren't that many public courses in the area and that are so beautiful. Reston offers a lifestyle (right now anyways) where people can golf, play tennis, kayak, canoe, swim, run, bike and more. It's what makes it different than the average over-developed concrete jungle.
John Doe August 23, 2012 at 04:32 AM
The Analyst, I like your style and you are exactly correct. It is time to start firing these clowns. Lets replace them with public servants that both "tell the truth" and follow our directives. Good luck and don't ever giver up!
The BSD Guy August 23, 2012 at 09:05 AM
Special interests are, unfortunately, a national problem, especially with the "Citizens United" ruling. Picture the following scenario: 1. Outraged citizens decide to oust Hudgins, and attempt to hold an election and find candidates to oppose her. 2. Hudgins turns to her buddies, the DEVELOPER BILLIONAIRE ELITES behind a lot of this garbage for support. There's a lot of money at stake for them. Of course they'll help her! 3. The elites set loose a team of investigators to find every little piece of garbage they can find on Hudgins opponents, true or not, and then start publicizing it in TV ads. Why not play the race card too! Play every angle they can to discredit opposition. 4. Some of these opponents, regardless of party affiliation end up possibly ruined and embarrassed. All so some developer elites can do what....replace the gold plated bell on their yachts with one that's solid gold? What we have witnessed in the last 10 years, particularly with the "Citizens United" ruling is, for all practical purposes, the assassination of democracy by special interests. How ironic it is that they give it a name like "Citizens United." United in what? Watching America adopt the exact same economic model followed by virtually every single third world country on Earth? And their will be our priceless "supervisor," Kathy Hudgins, serving the elites at everyone else's expense. Perhaps there's a solid gold bell out there with her name on it!
Jim H August 23, 2012 at 06:29 PM
Nancy, I totally agree! I play RNGC quite a bit and have played there in a number of charity/fund raising events. I certainly understand the value that RNGC brings to all of us. It is quite affordable and if you look at a link I posted in another comment in this thread (above) everyone can see that the list of public golf courses in this area are few and far between. I want RNGC to be successful and profitable as I know that successful and profitable golf courses enhance their properties and make living near or playing on them even more enjoyable.! I was simply pointed out that RNGC is not "primarily" used for charitable events.


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