Cuccinelli Now Supports GMU Gun Ban

Virginia Citizens Defense League to question Attorney General at Thursday meeting in Annandale.

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli will address the membership meeting of the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) on November 17.

According to AmmoLand.com, "The Attorney General will be speaking about his support for the GMU gun ban, when he originally told VCDL members, as a candidate for Attorney General, that the ban wasn’t valid."

In a video (included with this article), Cuccinelli tells a VCDL gathering, "I've heard the college question.  They don't have the legal authority to pass the regulations they're passing that trump what the General Assembly has said."

Last week at , VCDL protested the school's ban on faculty and students carrying guns on campus, and on all people carrying guns inside university buildings.

According to the VCDL Board of Directors, "Higher-education "no gun" policies do not make the innocent any safer.  Instead such policies enable people like Cho to wantonly massacre, rape, and rob."

The GMU protest was one of several held across Virginia this fall as part VCDL's Operation Campus Safety.  The group will be protesting at Virginia Tech on November 17.

Omar Samaha's sister was killed by Seung-Hui Cho at Virginia Tech (VT) on April 16, 2007.   Samaha, himself a VT graduate and co-founder of  Students for Gun Free Schools, counter-protested at .   "I do not believe that guns on campus will prevent violence," he told Patch.

"After the shooting at Virginia Tech, where my sister Reema was killed, we found out that the gunman was able to purchase two guns, on two separate occasions, and pass two background checks to do so, when he should have failed both," he said.

"What we forget is that Virginia Tech was preventable. The gunman fell through so many cracks and should have been prevented from being able to carry out the massacre."

"Students carrying guns to class is far too reactive a measure. There are many other things we can do as a society to prevent these massacres from occurring.  Students for Gun Free Schools advocates for more preventive measures."

"Students should not have to do the job of law enforcement, nor are they trained well enough to do so. The most experienced law enforcement officers hit their moving targets less than 30 percent of the time."

"College campuses are some of the safest places in our nation, and there is statistical evidence that proves that. The presence of guns will not stop a crazed killer from attempting to kill students. Students carrying guns to class would only make schools less safe. We need our schools and law enforcement to step up security to keep students safe."

"Universities in Virginia regulate their own policies regarding guns on campus and they are in the best position to know what those policies should be. The decision is theirs," said Samaha.

All VCDL membership meetings are open to the public.  Thursday's meeting at the will be called to order at 8 p.m.

Mike Kane November 16, 2011 at 10:07 PM
The VT shootings were preventable. If people were allowed to have guns on campus it most likely would have been minimalized. More gun control isn't the answer, plus it's unconstitutional. It's not as if the shooter couldn't have purchased a gun on the black market anyways.
Observer November 17, 2011 at 09:45 PM
Cho brought chains and padlocks with him when he went to Norris Hall. He knew that the ban on guns insured that no one in Norris Hall would have the ability to stop him so he chained the doors to prevent anyone with a gun from coming to the aid of the students and teachers and to prevent anyone from escaping. Because of the gun ban on campus the only way to save themselves was to barricade classroom doors and hide under desks in locked offices. Cho took his time because he had plenty of it. No one in that building could stop him or protect themselves because of the gun ban. The right of self defense was denied and students and teachers were slaughtered.
BillB November 18, 2011 at 01:25 AM
Banning guns is no smarter than banning books.


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