Gov. Bob McDonnell Reacts to Connecticut School Shootings

More than 20 dead, including young children, after incident at elementary school in Newtown, Conn., AP reports.

Gov. Bob McDonnell released a statement Friday about the school shootings in Connecticut:

“It is with a heavy heart and the deepest of sympathies that I learned earlier today of the horrific shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those impacted by the events transpiring today, and to the teachers, emergency responders, and all others touched by this tragedy. Unfortunately, Virginia has our own painful memories of the tragic shootings at Virginia Tech in 2007. Those memories will never fade, and we continue to grieve for all those lost on that April day. We are all too aware of the impact that events like this can have on a community. If there is anything Virginia can do to assist Governor Malloy and the citizens of Connecticut, we stand ready to do so.”

For live updates on the shootings, follow our Patch site in Newtown, Conn.

Java Master February 22, 2013 at 01:15 AM
There is no point in debating with good ole DGeorge, who shows himself on these blogs as nothing more than a provocateur, an apologist for the NRA and other radical gun "rights" groups. He specializes in the straw man argument and the provocative ruse, blissfully refusing to acknowledge the larger societal need to reduce gun ownership, in favor of an absolutist interpretation of the 2nd amendment that not even the Supreme Court agrees with. Goodnight Gracie, and don't let the courthouse door hit you on your way out,
DGeorge February 22, 2013 at 02:00 AM
Cheryl, could have stopped him if he had a revolver? How? Java, every time we have an exchange of ideas you run away. Last time you wanted to know what laws were not being enforced, I showed you and you tucked tail and ran.
Cheryl Darby February 22, 2013 at 02:30 AM
There is no "exchange of ideas" with you. I did not tuck tail and run. It's just pointless to try to talk to someone who blames everything on "gang bangers" and believes the 2nd Amendment entitles private citizens stockpile weapons and ammunition, no matter how much slaughter we have to endure for your "rights."
Java Master February 22, 2013 at 03:51 AM
You showed nothing. You say the same things over and over. You don't want to debate the law or the facts. You got no game, troll. That's why I gave up on you, I suggest everyone else do the same.
DGeorge February 22, 2013 at 12:15 PM
Cheryl, please read more carefully, It is Java that tucks and runs as I addressed that comment to him, not you. Java, you cut and run every time, when you surface again it is with insults and no content. It is amusing. I have not blamed gang bangers for "everything" but that is the place to start. 500, mostly young people, dead in one year in Chicago? Thats the place to start.


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