Golf Course Appeal to Be Heard Jan. 30

Reston National Golf Course owners get new date for officials to hear zoning appeal

RN Golf Management has a new date with the Fairfax County Board of Zoning Appeals: Jan. 30.

The ownership group of Reston National Golf Course was supposed to go before the BZA on Oct. 24, but this week requested a deferral of the hearing so it could have more time to prepare.

The issue dates back to last April,  if the golf course was zoned residential.

When the zoning officials said the golf course was not residential and to designate it residential would involve a change to the county master plan, the owners filed the zoning appeal.

The looming appea which are adamant the 166-acre golf course should remain open space. Reston Association and Reston Citizens Association have vowed to fight redevelopment, and a grassroots organization, Rescue Reston, has mobilized since July.

"We will not be moved," says Rescue Reston executive director John Pinkman. "We live here, we are not going anywhere. If anything, this delay helps us get better organized and communicate our message to others who have are just becoming aware of this crisis. Not understanding that, is a major miscalculation and an underestimation of our resolve; as was the tactic of trying to slide this redevelopment through quietly."

No plans for residential development have been made public yet, but Pinkman says it is important that residents participate now to be ready for the fight. Hundreds of supporters attended a Sept. 29 Rescue Reston rally.

"If the BZA overturns the zoning decision, this is the crack in the dam," said Pinkman, who has lived in Reston for more than 30 years, said at the September rally "If you can do it once, you can do it twice. If you can do it in Reston, you can do it anywhere."

 To see RN Golf Management LLC's appeal to the Board of Zoning Appeals — as well as other documents pertaining to this issue — click here.

Ray Wedell October 12, 2012 at 12:09 PM
Keep the heat on, and do so with facts. The re-zoning proposal is nonsense, and anyone with common sense realizes this.
JAK October 13, 2012 at 01:45 AM
Everyone that I talk to in Reston is completely against all of this massive development going on, so how do the same officials promoting such keep getting re-elected? I grew up here, and I'm truly disturbed by the transformation that is taking place at the hands of county and state representatives (Which means that it is out of our hands, aside from being able to change who we elect to represent us (Because they currently do NOT represent most of us)).


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