Farrell Withdraws From 2013 RA Election

At-large candidate won't run against RA President Ken Knueven.

John Farrell, a 2012 candidate for Reston Association At-Large Director, has withdrawn his candidacy for the 2013 election.

Farrell had filed to run for the vacant at-large seat in this year's election. He would have run against Lake Anne/Tall Oaks Director Ken Knueven, the current RA president.

a land-use attorney who is active in several Reston organizations and the Hunter Mill Democrats, about not running and about RA moving forward.

Farrell ran against Donna Rostant, Michael Sanio and Eve Thompson in 2012. Sanio and Rostant were ultimately elected to the board.

With Farrell's withdrawal, Knueven will run unopposed for the At-Large seat, and Thompson, running this time for the Lake Anne/Tall Oaks spot, will be unopposed in her run as well.

There are two candidates for the vacant Northpoint Director spot: Tim Cohn and Larry Dunn. Read more about the candidates here.

Voting begins on March 4.


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John Lovaas February 08, 2013 at 01:56 PM
John, sorry you backed out. Competition for RA Board is always a good thing especially when it brings new and different ideas, as you always do!! Besides, if you'd gotten elected you'd have gotten a free top-of-the-line iPad which our assessment $$ kindly provide to all Board members!
Laura Ramon February 08, 2013 at 06:16 PM
Yes because it's much more efficient to print volumes of paper that then has to be assembled by staff--which is then promptly dumped in the trash, yes I think that's a much better use of memberships money.


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