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Farrell: Next Three Years RA's Most Crucial

Longtime Reston resident wants to use planning background to aid Reston Association.

John Farrell, Board of Directors at-large candidate, has been involved in various Reston projects, committees and initiatives in the more than 25 years he has lived the community.

Farrell, a land use attorney, was outspoken during the  redistricting process in 2007, is an advocate for reforming FCPS' discipline policy, and has spoken at recent RA meetings about changes and upgrades that need to be made to recreational facilities.

Making sure that RA's facilities are able to be maintained and improved as the association faces a crucial time in its growth are what spurred Farrell to run for a seat on the board, he says.

"The next three years are probably the most important in the life of RA," says Farrell, who has served on RA's Parks and Planning Advisory Committee. He has also served as president of Fairfax Girls Softball and as National President of Candlelighters Childhod Cancer Foundation.

"The adoption of the comprehensive plan will set the course for the next 20 years. RA needs more professional and informed leadership in the input it gives to the county."

Reston founder Robert E. Simon says he has endorsed Farrell, as well as Realtor Eve Thompson, for at-large seats. Two at-large seats are up for grabs.

Farrell says that RA "has been getting by on assets that were built 40 years ago."

"I would like to maintain the assets we have," he said. "We haven't been maintaining the assets. Many of the ballfields are 40 or more years old and have never been regraded or resodded."

Obtaining recreational proffers from developers who are expected to build in Reston as the opening of Metro approaches (in 2013) is one key to the future, Farrell says.

Also key: recognizing that Reston's new transit-oriented residents are going to want something different than the community currently offers.

"The new residents will live in high-rise residential," Farrell said. "They are a different demographic. They are not going to have large numbers of kids on the ballfield. They are going to be looking for a gym and a 50-meter pool. RA might not have to be the operator of the gym and pool, but if it is not in the language of the comprehensive plan, we are going to be scratching around looking for it.


Reston Patch will have occasional stories about all six of the Reston Association board candidates as the March elections approach.

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The BSD Guy March 16, 2012 at 05:51 PM
Since I issued the first comment about Mr. Farrell, allow me to say the following: INVESTIGATE EVERYONE, not just Mr. Farrell!!! By investigate, I mean check out their backgrounds, current employment, past employment, and if possible employment relations with special interests exist, etc. Developers, like any other special interest that tries to manipulate authorities to suit their own needs, love to stick their hands into things and try to get control. They would LOVE to have people on the RA that are nothing more than "talking heads" for their activities. Check out Mr. Farrell FAIRLY along with all the other candidates, but by all means check them out.
Laurie Dodd March 18, 2012 at 04:39 PM
Scott, I am judging the candidate John Farrell by his own words, and he does not fare well. Public office demands the ability to work well with others, and the insulting tone he uses here on Patch indicates that he is likely to resort to similar tactics in office, rather than build bridges to get things done. "Passion" is not enough if one's working style alienates others.
Not Chillin Just Rest'n March 18, 2012 at 06:07 PM
Ms. Dodd, This is a do nothing RA board. All of the comments you have left in this thread have displayed the negative behavior you have falsely accused Mr. Farrell of.
LauraR March 19, 2012 at 02:13 AM
I think the piling on of people who are willing to serve is a bit much. How about we all act like adults, read the candidate statements, speak with friends and neighbors who's opinions we respect and vote. As BSD Guy says, check them all out FAIRLY. Laurie, I think checking out the candidate's comments on Patch is completely legit, as is Google & Facebook. The Board does need to function productively, and if Board Members are combative in general, then that's a problem. But most of all, we need to vote.
Laurie Dodd December 28, 2012 at 06:11 PM
I worked with John Farrell during November's election season and earned a newfound respect for a man I had previously "met" only though his written comments. His passion for good governance is clear, as is his knowledge on such matters. His advocacy for the rights of voters is admirable. While I sometimes wish he would consider his chosen words more carefully, I have substantially revised my opinion of him and thought it only fair to post this message alongside my earlier comments. It was good to meet you, John.


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