Connolly Hosting Telephone Town Hall Tuesday

Congressman calling 11th-District residents to hear what is on their minds.

Rep Gerry Connolly (D- Virginia 11th) may be calling you Tuesday to hear what is on your mind as part of his 17th telephone town hall. If the phone rings at 8 p.m., stay on the line to talk to the congressman.

Want to ensure that you get called?  Click here to sign up ahead of time.

Connolly told constituents in an email that more than 200,000 11th District residents have participated in one of these calls since 2009. He said that residents have told him they like the format since they can participate from home.

Those who are unable to pose their question on the call will have the option of leaving a message and receiving a subsequent response, said Connolly.

Java Master February 05, 2013 at 03:02 PM
Another public relations stunt for those who already support him...these pre-arranged phone-in town halls have been demonstated time and again by purposeful political analysts to be virtually worthless as a means of guaging public sentiment on any topic, except the candidate's own presumed popularity. Didn't everyone get enuff of these during the least election cycle?


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