Police Continue Investigation of Reston Man Shot While Kayaking

No suspects so far.

A week after 56-year-old Daniel Seafolk-Kopp was shot while kayaking in Bodkin Creek in Maryland, police are still looking for clues about the gunman.

This weekend Maryland Natural Resources Police will "enhance our visibility there in the Main and Bodkin Creek area," spokesperson Candy Thomson told WTOP. "We haven't given up, this is still a very active investigation for us," she said.

Seafolk-Kopp told police he was paddling when he noticed a dot on his shirt. Next he saw muzzle flash, heard a gun shot, then felt pain in his abdomen. It took Seafolk-Kopp close to 12 hours to get to the shore and out of his kayak. He finally got the attention of someone who lived nearby and they called 911.

He did not suffer life threatening injuries and was released from the hospital last Sunday. 


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