The Humblebrag

*I did not come up with this word. I really wish I had.

Sometimes I am sarcastic and I am not above  However,  I am never the source of those pithy statements of apparent woe about the rigors of how fabulous it is to be me.  Allow me to introduce you to the Humblebrag.

The most adept practitioners of this art form tend to be famous.  On the other hand, because crafting Humblebrags all day is so time-consuming, these people are often more famous for being famous than for actually doing anything noteworthy.

Well, we may not be Hollywood or Broadway, but Reston still craves attention.  Our community is rife with Humblebrag talent and it is my pleasure to bring it to light.  Our talents are abundant, for we are truly self-satisfied but also simultaneously aware that it is impolite to seem so.  Also, Facebook gives those with true Humblebrag talent a huge platform.

Negotiating the fine balance of making sure all and sundry are aware of your beach weekend and professional status without seeming boastful becomes, "The sun and sand were wonderful but this tan and these golden highlights made my boss wonder how I had time to also draft those contracts." 

While it's easy to craft Humblebrag if one has both a vacation and a cushy job with which to work, our local artisans can make magic out of far lesser stuff.  For instance, a nine-year-old's successful rendition of The Coliseum in modeling clay and cardboard becomes, "Jessie got an 'A' on her project.  The bags under my eyes and expense of $430 to buy authetic Italian clay is totally worth the experience of teaching my girl how to do a big job all by herself."

 In fact, the true Humblebragger needs no actual substrate.  The product appears from nothing.  "My husband is so sweet for waiting patiently for the waiter to check my ID before ordering the wine tonight at.  It's so embarrassing to still be carded at my age!"  

Every aspect of the day becomes Humblebraggable.   "It's asparagus season at the .  I guess I'll have to make a big batch of Hollandaise Sauce for everyone in the neighborhood.  I'm just glad they all love it so much and that it always turns out so well!"

"Getting ready for Jake's graduation party is so stressful.  I have to remember to stop by to find out if they have napkins in Harvard crimson."

"Please consider donating your gently used coats to the .  Although I can still fit in my high-school outerwear, I thought it was time to pass it along to those less fortunate."

"A very nice lady thanked me with tears in her eyes for saving her laptop from a fatal error.  How can I tell her that it's just part of being a member of ?"

"I can't believe they were able to get all those people together for a surprise party!  I don't know why they felt they had to get me presents.  Being the first PTA President who was also the winner of the was its own gift."


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