When Losing Weight Doesn't Work

Many of us get stuck playing the weight-loss game. To get the body you want, however, you must begin to change the way you think, and change the way you live, for long-lasting wellness.

Have you ever tried losing weight by doing the right things? We're told to go on a diet, eat less, and exercise more. Then, after doing the right things, did you step back on that scale only to see that very little had changed?

Many of us get stuck playing the weight-loss game.  We are trapped in a vicious cycle of diet and exercise for years that leaves people feeling frustrated and discouraged.  And, even if we lose weight from diet and exercise, most people gain all of that weight back within a year or two.  Think about it.  If there was a simple one size-fits all solution to being overweight, wouldn't we all have found it by now?

The truth is this: To get the body you want, you must begin to change the way you think, and change the way you live, for long-lasting wellness. That means making changes to your lifestyle that will last a lifetime; not three months, not a year, but for the rest of your life

Get on the Road to Wellness

When we talk about losing weight, what we're really talking about is getting on the road to wellness.  Think of wellness as a cross-country trip, in a car full of different people in your life.  You have a starting point and a destination.  The starting point is where your body is now.  Your destination is a new and improved body; really, your ideal body.  It's not just the body you see on magazine covers, but the body that truly fits your needs and your unique way of life.

Take a few moments to picture your ideal body.  Imagine yourself actually living in this new body.  What does your body look like?  What does it feel like to move your arms and your legs, walk forward, and turn from side to side?  Do you have a greater sense of confidence?  Can you do your favorite hobbies without feeling discomfort or pain?  How much more do you enjoy life now that you have achieved your ideal body?


Get your Ideal Body

Here's a little known secret:  the road to wellness will lead you to your ideal body.  During this journey, there will be many places where you'll want to stop along the way.  These places might include gas stations, hotels, restaurants, or tourist attractions.  Each of these places are important, because each of them may help you reach your destination, depending on what you do at each stop.

Think of these places as checkpoints, where you get to decide how to continue your trip.  You could stop at a gas station and fill up your tank, or risk running out of gas.  You could check-in at a hotel and get some sleep, or drive tired into the night.  You can choose to eat at a restaurant, or skip a meal and go hungry.  Each decision you make affects your progress going into the next day.

On the road to wellness, you'll also meet different types of people.  These people may be old friends, family members, or co-workers.  They might even be people you've never met before.  Whether they know it or not, each of these people will either support you or try to prevent you from getting your ideal body.  Learning how to deal with people in your life is crucial to your body's success.


Get Ready to Change Your Life

So what's the first step?  To get started on the road to wellness, let's take a look at the way you live your life.  Introducing the Pillars of Wellness.  Each of these pillars support the changes you'll need to make in order to achieve your ideal body:

  • Stress
  • Sleep
  • Eating
  • Fitness

Which of these Pillars of Wellness do you need to focus on the most?  Just about everyone deals with these pillars every day.  So, instead of saying, "I need help with all of them," ask yourself this, "Which pillar do I have the hardest time with?"

Again, which of the Pillars of Wellness do you need to focus on the most?

If you can answer that question, congratulations!  You are on the road to wellness!  Now, we can dig deeper into the Pillars of Wellness and start making the lifestyle changes you need to get your ideal body.


Pillars of Wellness Checklist

We've made a checklist to help you select which Pillar of Wellness to focus on.

Click HERE  to receive your complimentary checklist.


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