What? Change MY Mind?

What would it take for you to completely change your mind on a subject in which you believe? How does that process work?

Have you changed your position on any of these issues?

  • Gun control
  • Woman's right to choose
  • Legislating the personhood of a zygote
  • Contraception
  • Global warming
  • The Department of Education
  • The war in Iraq
  • The war in Afghanistan; bringing the troops home
  • Funding FEMA
  • The affordable healthcare act - specifics
  • Immigration
  • Economic support for the survival of General Motors and Chrysler
  • The ability for same-sex couples to marry*
  • Rolling back mile per gallon standards*
  • Restricting Voting Opportunity*

Like most people you probably haven't. 

Based on your personal lifestyle and educational background, you have probably given a great deal of thought to your personal beliefs. These are tough issues and answers do not come easily. The conduct of your daily life is likely based on the conclusions of that thought process.

I think you will agree that these issues are some of the most controversial and important discussions facing the United States. In all but three (*) of these issues, Mitt Romney has completely reversed his opinions and positions; a complete 180 degree about-face. This is not conjecture; it is verifiable by statements he made on video and in personal writings.

There has been much discussion about who bought and now controls Mitt Romney's character.

There has been debate even among his supporters that they're not voting for Romney, but against the President. It is worthwhile considering why Mr. Romney dramatically changes his positions on such important issues so frequently.

Further, the obvious question arises about what he is likely to do and say at any given moment In the future. Faced with that observation, it is also worthwhile to consider the possibility of a Romney presidency, rather than the absence of an Obama administration.

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