Looking for Lawn Care Providers

A screenshot of our app for providers
A screenshot of our app for providers
Our company is looking to give more work to local, insured lawn mowers for free through our app.

If you have interest in hearing more about our company please respond to this ad by email or phone. Call (315)692-0436

With this app a consumer will be able to request a mow for their property and this request will be sent out to providers in the area who have signed up with our program. I have put below some quick highlights on this app. If you have any questions or want to learn how to sign up for FREE please email or call me.

• Sign up is free and there's no obligation.
• We handle all marketing and consumer headaches, you simply accept jobs you want, mow, and we pay you for it.
• Fit jobs into your normal schedule.
• We are hitting a market of do-it-yourselfers that many landscaping companies do not have.

Again all is free and you only take on jobs that make sense to you with your schedule. This is a great opportunity for existing lawn care and landscaping providers to earn extra money.

Call (315)692-0436


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