RCA Concerned About Fairway Meeting

Group urging citizens to voice opinions to DRB.

Design Review Board will discuss the proposal for redevelopment of Fairway Apartments at its regular meeting on Tuesday.

The late addition of JBG's proposal - after more than a year of discussion on several different submissions - has raised the attention of the Reston Citizens Association, which is urging citizens to speak their opinion at the 7 p.m. meeting at Reston Association headquarters.

"The DRB is being asked to give the JBG proposal 'conceptual approval' before it goes to the County Planning Commission," the RCA said in an e-mail to members.  "According to people within the DRB, the proposal remains essentially the same as presented to the DRB and Reston P&Z committees earlier this year.

The RCA Board of Directors last month opposing approval of JBG's current proposal for Fairway Apartments. 

"The JBG proposal violates a number of both new and long standing Fairfax County and Reston community standards," the resolution said.  "The proposed increase in density far exceeds that of the neighborhood and DPZ's own recommendations made last year and is not tied to any TOD area, village center, or other higher density area. " 

JBG's latest presentation - its fifth in the last two years - to the Reston Planning and Zoning Committee was approved in April. The current proposal consists of two five-story mid-rise buildings, one multifamily four-story building and 59 townhouses for a total of 804 units.Fairway currently has 328 garden-apartment style units.

An original proposal for 951 units and a high-rise building was rejected last summer, and a

In other Reston development news:

* A Reston Assocaition Planning and Zoning Committee meeting planned for Wednesday  to discuss a 23-story building planned for Reston Parkway and Bowman Greene Drive has been postponed.

* On July 18, the Planning and Zoning Committee will review a plan of the Spectrum shopping center near Reston Town Center. That idea has been discussed for at least five years

A plan was approved in 2008, but Reston Spectrum, a Lerner Enterprises affiliate, sued Fairfax County last year over the way the county allots density in the area just north of Reston Town Center.

Owners want to transform the 23-acre parcel, home toand others, into a 562 residential units and 406,000 square feet of retail or office use.

Reston Spectrum secured county approval of a finalized conceptual site plan in 2008 using extra density from the neighboring , which was deemed a park in 1992, allowing it to transfer density to nearby developers.

The latest plan will be presented by  Mark Looney, attorney with Cooley LLP. A second meeting on this subject will be held Sept. 19, and the FCDC will review it on Sept. 29. The Spectrum is owned by Lerner Enterprises.

* At a May 16 meeting, the P & Z Committee conditionally recommended approved the

The building is proposed for the block bounded by Explorer Street, Bluemont Way, Saint Francis Street, and Town Square.

P & Z members  said they would like to see any recommendations from Hunter Mill Supervisor Cathy Hudgins and also a green roof incorporated into  the design.  

Diane Blust June 21, 2011 at 11:32 AM
Glad to see the call for a green roof on one proposed new building for Reston. I would hope that the PNZ and the County DPZ would mandate green roofs, minimum LEED silver standards, Sustainable Sites Initiative best practices and some form of renewable energy for ALL new buildings constructed in Reston. We were a unique, cutting edge commnity at our inception and should continue to be on the cutting edge of building and site technology and practices in this next phase of our development. Diane Blust Sustainable Reston ( www.sustainablereston.org)
The BSD Guy June 21, 2011 at 05:52 PM
The only way you will ever bring good 'ol Fairfax County's out-of-control developers in line is to start suing. Lake Anne and other schools will need to be built up and increased in size to accommodate all the new students. WHERE'S THE MONEY COMING FROM?? Roads will need to be widened, modified, and probably re-routed. WHERE'S THE MONEY COMING FROM? Looking at all the developers dream plans of more and more and more people and higher and higher density, we'll obviously need more and more police, firemen, teachers, etc, not to mention cars, trucks and facilities. WHERE'S THE MONEY COMING FROM? And of course with Fairfax County's already abundant supply of empty buildings, it's likely many of these new "shining stars of development" will, like so many throughout the county sit there empty, with the owners losing money and probably filing bankruptcy yielding YET ANOTHER bail out of an incompetent special interest. WHERE'S THE MONEY COMING FROM? The money is coming out of YOUR pockets and no one else's. The only thing people in approval positions in both the county and the Reston will ever understand is an attack on their own personal pocketbooks, just like the attacks they so frequently allow developers to impose on everyone else. Take these people to court and sue them personally to collect all the costs up front for all the problems they're about to create.....THEN they might start thinking about the consequences of their actions (FOR A CHANGE!!!)


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