Small Business Spotlight: Dawn Price Baby

Sweet boutique for little ones opened this year in Reston.

Dawn Price Baby Reston Town Center earlier this year.  It was the third eponymous store for owner Dawn Price of Great Falls. A fourth shop recently opened in Merrifield.

RP:  How long have you been in the baby-gear business?

DP: More than nine years! We started on Capitol Hill, and then opened in Georgetown six years ago. Then Reston, then Merrifield. Opening two stores in one year – whew.  I’m chilling for a while.

RP: What made you choose baby gear?

DP: I had been in Silicon Valley with technology companies, focusing on small start-ups.  I knew I wanted to open my business. At first I thought I wanted to do architectural salvage, but changed my mind. And once I switched to baby I absolutely loved it. It’s such a sweet product.

RP: You have plenty of competition in the baby business. What would you like people to know about Dawn Price Baby?

DP: We really focus on expertise. I was just in the Reston store training the employees for 10 hours on different types of cotton. There are so many strollers. Which one is right for the customer and why? We have already selected the best of the best in terms of product. What we have is quality and award-winning. And we are immersed in it, to know everything about it for our customer.

RP: What brought you to Reston?

DP: I love Reston. I lived here for 10 years. And now I live nearby (in Great Falls). It’s great to have a store near home.

RP: How has it been for you in the Town Center so far?

DP: Well, it’s a fantastic location and it’s great to have space there. I got my teeth cut in business with small landlords in Eastern Market and Georgetown. Having a premium shopping center lease is just a completely different market, so I’m glad I came to it with some experience.


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