Magruder's Closing All Locations

The supermarket in Vienna is selling all goods at half price, but it may re-open under new ownership in the future.

Magruder's is closing all of its supermarket locations, including the one here in Vienna.

Large signs promoting a 50 percent off sale lined the store's windows Wednesday morning. Shelves normally lined with goods were half empty, as people made a run on discounted items—particularly non-perishable things like paper towels. 

Multiple calls to Magruder's corporate office by Patch still have not been returned. 

However, a letter provided at the customer service desk in the store's Alexandria location said "We are currently in negotiations to sell the remaining four locations to a group who wishes to purchase the individual stores and reopen them as quickly as possible and we are working diligently with all parties involved."

The letter also said the Connecticut Avenue Magruder's liquor store in Washington has been sold and will continue to operate under the Magruder's name. 

The letter thanked the store's employees, unions, vendors and customers. "Although this is a difficult decision ... now is the right time for our family to move on."

Magruder's closed its Silver Spring location this summer.

More on the scene at Magruder's on Wednesday morning here.

11 January 18, 2013 at 12:19 PM
Bummer! Gonna miss Magruder's ...


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