Crunch Fitness at Reston Town Center Now Open, Offers 'No Judgments'

New facility offers state-of-the-art equipment and fitness classes.

Crunch Fitness is now open at Reston Town Center (Photo by Alex McVeigh)
Crunch Fitness is now open at Reston Town Center (Photo by Alex McVeigh)
Whether you're a longtime fitness enthusiast or trying to maintain your New Year's Resolution into February and beyond, there's a new option in Reston Town Center, the recently opened Crunch Fitness. 

With a philosophy of "No Judgments," Crunch Fitness aims to provide a workout experience that keeps people on their toes, but also feel welcome everytime they set foot in the gym. 

"Our goal is to deliver the ultimate fitness experience to every member, every time. That means not only a welcoming atmosphere, but a clean facility, clean locker rooms, the staff knowing your name," said Kirk Galiani, co-CEO of US Fitness. "From the ownership and throughout the company, we're always talking about ways to make the experience better."

Crunch's Reston Town Center location was designed to fit in with the center's overall atmosphere. 

“The Crunch brand and the demographics of Reston Town Center are very well aligned. With the energy of Reston Town Center and the vibrant and entertaining aspects of the Crunch brand, the two are a perfect match,” said John Galiani, co-CEO and Kirk's brother. 

The facility has invested a lot to bring in the latest and greatest in fitness equipment.

"We're big on making sure your workout doesn't get stale, which means we've got a wide variety of machines and features on the cardio equipment like television and iPod hookups," Kirk Galiani said. "The goal is to have something for everybody, so if you're into weights, they're here, if you don't want to lift a single weight, there's plenty of cardio and other strength exercises and world famous classes to keep you busy." 

Another thing that sets apart Crunch from other fitness facilities is their wide range of classes. 

"Our 'fitness meets entertainment' style classes philosophy is a signature of Crunch Fitness, I like to say we're always trying to keep them funky and fresh, trying to hold classes that will help people feel engaged," said Karen Sevener, general manager of the Reston location. "We currently have 58 classes on the schedule, everything from popular things like Zumba and spin, to newer trends like barre, and some of our originals, like our Surfset classes."

One of their most popular pieces of equipment is the MotionCage, which contains different pieces of equipment at every edge and corner, from trampolines to bounce medicine balls, TRX suspension training and other exercises that can often only be found in gyms designed for professional athletes. 

"Our MotionCage setups are popular, especially for people who want a high intensity, full body workout," Sevener said. "Studies show that you want to bump up your heart rate a few times, and whether that's adding something like MotionCage to a regular weight routine, or adding different intensities while doing cardio, it's all possible here."

No matter what kind of workout people are interested in, Sevener said it is Crunch's goal to make going to the gym less of a chore and more of a pleasurable experience.

"We want to make workouts fun for people who are serious about fitness, as well have have something for everybody. Not everybody wants to exercise, but we all know we should," Sevener said. "Here we want to make you feel at home, with the goal of helping people enjoy their workouts."

Crunch Fitness at Reston Town Center is located at 11951 Freedom Drive in Reston Town Center, and can be found online and on Facebook.  

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