RA Delays Newbridge Pool Opening

Facility will be closed through Memorial Day, says RA.

Due to weather-related delays in repairing the  deck, the facility will not be open for Memorial Day weekend. However, n is working to have the pool open sometime next week, barring further inclement weather.

 Additional work needs to be completed prior to the pool opening but cannot begin until the decking is finished. That work includes:

       Draining and cleaning of the main and wading pools

       Electrical inspection

        Pre-opening Fairfax County Health inspection

        General cleaning of the facility.

 There are 12 other RA pool facilities that will be open this weekend. The pool schedule is on the association website: www.reston.org.

 Reston Association says  Newbridge Swim Team should be able to hold practice on Tuesday, May 31.


Private Person May 26, 2011 at 01:02 PM
Common pools open for less than 1/4 of the year: Another faded Reston dinosaur idea that is time to retire... http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/06/23/AR2008062302382.html
Karen Goff May 26, 2011 at 02:06 PM
Private person. That story is a little different. Those are private clubs in which people can choose to join or not, and are struggling because many people are choosing not to join. Reston Association pools are for everyone who is an RA member, and if you live in an RA area property, paying that membership is NOT optional (perhaps that is a bigger issue, for another story sometime). In my opinion, RA does a good job managing and maintaining the pools, especially in an era when so many private clubs are struggling.
Private Person May 26, 2011 at 02:28 PM
That's the point -- it's just a little different. But the facts scream for themselves: RA members have no choice in funding the pools. When asked by the RA Board the choice RA members expressed when voting was not to include the pool and tennis subsidies in the general assessment. That mandate was promptly ignored by the RA board and pools and tennis fees have been, probably unlawfully, subsidized ever since. The RA pools offer a marginal cost to benefit, at best, and the main reason they are open is because they are effectively subsidized by the RA against the member's wishes. Even the consultant that the RA spent tens of thousands of dollars on recommended closing at least two pools. Once again, the RA ignored that very expensive advice and raised RA assessments in a time of a deep recession and negative inflation. In any case, the RA has had months and months to get the pool ready and with so many other pools closed and during this recession, there certainly are plenty of pool repair and other contractors who would have gladly done the work for a low price. Cost and funding can't possibly be the reasons rationalizing the delay--that raised assessment in a time of deflation, and the forced subsidy that all RA members must pay -- so one is left to wondering what the quarter-million dollar earning "CEO" of the RA really does. We must now challenge the RA management's competency and we fail to see how you can support your opinion that it does a good job.
Karen Goff May 26, 2011 at 02:34 PM
By "we" I assume you mean "you." Speaking not as the editor of this site, but as a RA member, pool user and swim team parent, I beg to differ with you. I think many - I can't speak for everyone obviously so I am not going to say most - people in Reston use and like the pools, and see it as a perk rather than a a forced subsidy with no benefit. It goes with living here and I have never understood why people buy property in Reston knowing full well that this is the systen, yet complain about it. If the $547 is an albatross, people are welcome to live somewhere else. However, complaining about the fee is not going to make it go away.
Private Person May 26, 2011 at 02:57 PM
You assume wrong. "We" means just that. And there is no need to beg. We welcome diversity and discourse and and pleased to know that you and your family derive benefit from the RA pools. However... Editor or not, check the facts. FAR fewer than many people use the pools. They are not a perk. They are a forced amenity on all RA members. Regardless, those who have the right to vote voted NOT to subsidize either pools or tennis. That was the contract we bought into and was made The RA board did not uphold its duty and forced a subsidy on all. So we, and yes I mean we, do not understand why RA members see otherwise. Read your deed! No one but you said there was no benefit to the pool and tennis complex -- we challenged the benefits of an overpaid CEO of what is a homeowner association that can't maintain its existing assets and the fact that these are, in fact, forced subsidies. The consultants the RA hired, disinterested and not RA members, strongly recommended closing at least two pools. There was near mutiny here under the previous RA regime when yet more and outrageously expensive pool and tennis facilities were secretly planned. If it was so desirous a facility, why the secrecy and why the mutiny and a lawsuit and why are so many others like it closing?
Private Person May 26, 2011 at 02:57 PM
These facts speak for themselves -- there is a clear majority not to have these sorts costly things when plenty of private enterprises either provide them or are closing similar facilities. RA had a similar debacle with ice skating some years ago and can't seem to learn from it's mistakes. RA needs to tend to the facilities it already has and is, as this posting proves, can't maintain.
Karen Goff May 26, 2011 at 03:00 PM
Private Person, we are going to have to agree to disagree. I will be at the pool if you need me. I guarantee you it will be crowded.
Private Person May 26, 2011 at 03:33 PM
Yes we will, but the pool is closed you wrote? PS -- I have heard that the two pools on the closing list were Tall Oaks and Shadowood. They, apparently, are underused and not crowded?
Karen Goff May 26, 2011 at 03:42 PM
PP - Did you not read the story? That is just one pool that is closed. The rest will be open. Yes, of course, some are more crowded than others. Also, a few years ago, when they were considering closing Tall Oaks, there was a considerable neighborhood grassroots effort by residents to keep the Tall Oaks Pool open.
leslie sogandares May 26, 2011 at 03:50 PM
Private Person: I'm coming into this discussion late, and I don't plan on keeping my browser open all day--just want to make a comment in support of RA and our pools and, further, this odd community of ours. You see, when my husband and I bought our first home in Reston, a small townhouse in the Uplands area, we were fully aware of the RA amenities and the resulting fees that went along with both. Having spent time in another community where such lavish things as a pool and tennis court would cost thousands per year, we were thrilled at the opportunity provided us in Reston at a fraction of that cost. We had no kids, thus no need for a youth swim team during the summer, and, quite honestly, didn't swim at our neighborhood pool often if at all, but this didn't bother us one bit. We knew what we were buying into when we moved to Reston 20 years ago and, like many here, feel that the availability of its recreational facilities fully enhance the quality of life here. We now have two kids who are active in the Reston Swim Team Association, who have developed a keen sense of community and well being as a result of having access to the community pools, and are grateful that we can afford such a "luxury" when so many of their friends from other NOVA communities can't afford to join a private pool. Don't dare assume because you don't use something that it doesn't have value. Better yet, visit a pool this summer and start enjoying one of the best aspects of living here!
Private Person May 26, 2011 at 04:02 PM
Yes I did read it, and I (just me this time) was commenting that "the pool," being the untimely maintained one at Newbridge, was closed. I was also at those Tall Oaks meetings. The exact reason the RA spent tens of thousands of our assessment dollars on a consultant was to make logical, unbiased decisions. The recommendations to close were made on actual attendance records at the pools. I don't recall the exact numbers now, but the attendance at those two was in the hundreds for the entire summer; the cost to maintain the small aging pools was not deemed prudent and there were other alternatives that the grass-rooters could have used. It's really paralysis by analysis (and pure waste) at the RA ---- they hire expensive consultants to tell them what they already know and then promptly ignore that advice and look very foolish in the process.
Private Person May 26, 2011 at 04:02 PM
It was much the same with the HQ decision. At least the RA (mostly) obeyed the mandate this time and did NOT build a facility, even though they could under an older referendum, but it apparently would not have been grand and posh enough for Milton Matthews. Rather than help revitalize Lake Anne by locating the HQ facility there, the RA is now hidden in the middle of nowhere and keeping keep an absentee, bankrupt, institutional landlord afloat while Lake Anne is a missed opportunity for the RA and all Restonians. Meanwhile the RA facilities/amenities all age and the RA fails to maintain some (getting redundant here I apologize).
Private Person May 26, 2011 at 04:09 PM
Ah, Ms. sogandares, but we DO use the pools...that was not the point of the discussions. Most Restonians don't use the pools or the tennis courts, the members voted NOT to include the fees in the assessment, and we can all dust off and review the many consultant studies and reports to see the facts. Now, there's a shortage of power today, so all of us here are closing our browsers and PCs and will be finding a cool shady place to be for the rest of the day. Enjoy whatever amenities you may choose today, wear sunscreen and beware of the mosquitoes and poison ivy.
leslie sogandares May 26, 2011 at 04:50 PM
I lied--I kept it open to read your response. I am a member, and I didn't vote the way you describe. I know many who voted the way I did. And I disagree--use of the pools can't help but be a point in these discussions. I don't use Colts Neck Way much, but I'm not suggesting that we get rid of it or ask the nearby residents to find another path to their work or shopping. Good luck with your search for that cool, shady place. I hope to do the same!
c b May 31, 2011 at 04:40 PM
I love the Reston pools, too bad that the slide at Glad and all the interactive watrer features at Uplands were out of order for opening this Memorial Day weekend.. A real disappointment for someone who is a first-timer and non-resident that paid $600+ to specifically use these kid friendly features. Still very happy but that is assuming that we get waht we paid ofr and RA has things in working order very soon.


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