RA Delays Newbridge Pool Opening

Facility will be closed through Memorial Day, says RA.

Due to weather-related delays in repairing the  deck, the facility will not be open for Memorial Day weekend. However, n is working to have the pool open sometime next week, barring further inclement weather.

 Additional work needs to be completed prior to the pool opening but cannot begin until the decking is finished. That work includes:

       Draining and cleaning of the main and wading pools

       Electrical inspection

        Pre-opening Fairfax County Health inspection

        General cleaning of the facility.

 There are 12 other RA pool facilities that will be open this weekend. The pool schedule is on the association website: www.reston.org.

 Reston Association says  Newbridge Swim Team should be able to hold practice on Tuesday, May 31.


Private Person May 26, 2011 at 04:02 PM
Yes I did read it, and I (just me this time) was commenting that "the pool," being the untimely maintained one at Newbridge, was closed. I was also at those Tall Oaks meetings. The exact reason the RA spent tens of thousands of our assessment dollars on a consultant was to make logical, unbiased decisions. The recommendations to close were made on actual attendance records at the pools. I don't recall the exact numbers now, but the attendance at those two was in the hundreds for the entire summer; the cost to maintain the small aging pools was not deemed prudent and there were other alternatives that the grass-rooters could have used. It's really paralysis by analysis (and pure waste) at the RA ---- they hire expensive consultants to tell them what they already know and then promptly ignore that advice and look very foolish in the process.
Private Person May 26, 2011 at 04:02 PM
It was much the same with the HQ decision. At least the RA (mostly) obeyed the mandate this time and did NOT build a facility, even though they could under an older referendum, but it apparently would not have been grand and posh enough for Milton Matthews. Rather than help revitalize Lake Anne by locating the HQ facility there, the RA is now hidden in the middle of nowhere and keeping keep an absentee, bankrupt, institutional landlord afloat while Lake Anne is a missed opportunity for the RA and all Restonians. Meanwhile the RA facilities/amenities all age and the RA fails to maintain some (getting redundant here I apologize).
Private Person May 26, 2011 at 04:09 PM
Ah, Ms. sogandares, but we DO use the pools...that was not the point of the discussions. Most Restonians don't use the pools or the tennis courts, the members voted NOT to include the fees in the assessment, and we can all dust off and review the many consultant studies and reports to see the facts. Now, there's a shortage of power today, so all of us here are closing our browsers and PCs and will be finding a cool shady place to be for the rest of the day. Enjoy whatever amenities you may choose today, wear sunscreen and beware of the mosquitoes and poison ivy.
leslie sogandares May 26, 2011 at 04:50 PM
I lied--I kept it open to read your response. I am a member, and I didn't vote the way you describe. I know many who voted the way I did. And I disagree--use of the pools can't help but be a point in these discussions. I don't use Colts Neck Way much, but I'm not suggesting that we get rid of it or ask the nearby residents to find another path to their work or shopping. Good luck with your search for that cool, shady place. I hope to do the same!
c b May 31, 2011 at 04:40 PM
I love the Reston pools, too bad that the slide at Glad and all the interactive watrer features at Uplands were out of order for opening this Memorial Day weekend.. A real disappointment for someone who is a first-timer and non-resident that paid $600+ to specifically use these kid friendly features. Still very happy but that is assuming that we get waht we paid ofr and RA has things in working order very soon.


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