Looking For a Snow Plow in Reston? Here's How to Track Them

How to track snowplows in your neighborhood, and other winter weather tips.

VDOT operates a website that allows resident to track snow plow activities in their neighborhood.
VDOT operates a website that allows resident to track snow plow activities in their neighborhood.
This month, Virginia Department of Transportation held their annual snow briefing at the Northern Virginia District headquarters and provided an update about the latest developments for this upcoming winter season.  
If there is a snowfall of two inches or more, VDOT will activate their online snow plow tracking website.

Constituents will be able to track a snow plow within their neighborhood and learn the status of the snow plowing operation. VDOT will be working closely with Dominion Power to help electrical crews get to power problems more efficiently.

There are a couple bits of information Hunter Mill District constituents should remember:  

  • If the snow fall is more than two inches, visit http://www.vdotplows.org to see the status of plowing in Northern Virginia.
  • Report unplowed roads, hazardous conditions to novainfo@vdot.virginia.gov, 800-367-7623, or the Hunter Mill District office, 703-478-0283.
  • Do not pass a snow plow vehicle.
  • Shovel to the right facing the road.
  • Park on the odd numbered side of the street during snow events to allow the snow plow access on your street.

A mobilization scale of 1 to 5 is used to measure the severity level. In general, an event with a mobilization of three or greater will trigger plowing activities and the district will be shaded in blue.

For mobilizations less than 3, the district will be shaded gray and limited plowing may be conducted on major highways.

In Northern Virginia (Nova District), the district is divided up by service areas know as Local Area Headquarters and then further sub-divided into neighborhoods. These subdivisions are visible as you zoom into the district.

When plowing is underway, the location of plow trucks is updated every two minutes and the neighborhoods are color coded depending on their stage of completion.

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