Longtime Restonians: Movie Needs Your Help

Reston Historic Trust seeks old home movies, photos for use in movie project.

The Reston Historic Trust and Storycatcher Productions need your help in gathering materials for the a movie in production for Reston's 50th anniversary celebration in 2014.

They are looking for home movies and videos related to the Bob Simon years in Reston, 1961-1967. In particular, they are seeking movies of community gatherings such as festivals, openings, meetings, and protests—particularly Simon's  farewell to the community in 1967.

They would also like footage of early community institutions, such as Common Ground, Lake Anne Hall, businesses on Lake Anne, and volunteer groups. 

Finally, they are looking for quality photos of Bob Simon, Bill Conklin, Chuck Veatch, Fran Steinbauer, Glenn Saunders, Jim Rossant, Jane Wilhelm, Carol Lubin, Jim Cleveland, Jim Todd, Bill Magness and Bob Ryan.

These videos and photos may be used in the 50/25 Reston Film being made by Storycatcher Productions, LLC, for the celebration in 2014 of Reston’s 50th, Town Center’s 25th, and Bob Simon’s 100th birthdays. All materials will be returned to you.

Please bring your videos and photos to the Reston Museum.
Contact 703-709-7700 or RestonMuseum@gmail.com.

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Wwacker January 16, 2013 at 04:46 PM
That looks like my family in that photo! The Grants move to Reston in 1970 - we had 4 kids -so one must be a friend. I remember my brother's little hat.
Dennis Schulte January 30, 2013 at 03:44 PM
I have a great map produced by Gulf Reston circa 74 with a lot of historical facts. I don't want to give it up or sell it, but if it could be of use someone could come and look at it.


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