Classical Ballet Theatre Students Make the Most of Their Evening!

"A Fast Convergence," Choreography by Iquail Shaheed
"A Fast Convergence," Choreography by Iquail Shaheed

Classical Ballet Theatre (CBT) dancers dazzled their enthusiastic audience during “An Evening with Classical Ballet Theatre,” held at the Reston Community Center on Friday, February 21st.  This evening of classical ballet and contemporary dance performances proved to be one to celebrate—for the audience, the dancers, and the choreographers. 

“I was in awe the entire performance,” shared one patron.  Another exclaimed, “It was a fantastic performance.  Absolutely brilliant!  Congratulations, CBT!” 

This very flattering feedback is even more impressive considering that all of the dancers are students.  Ranging from age 12 to 21, the pre-professional dancers presented their performance with the technique and artistry one would expect from a professional company.

“You could feel the power on stage,” explained one young dancer when describing the energy and connection required for she and her peers to convey the challenging choreography.

This choreography ranged from classical favorites such as variations from Giselle and La Esmeralda to more contemporary works by a variety of choreographers.  Several of the works were developed specifically for the CBT dancers.  These works include “A Fast Convergence,” by Iquail Shaheed of Alvin Ailey, and “Waltzes Real and Imagined” by Joffrey Ballet founding member Marjorie Mussman.

Tara Henderson, a CBT instructor who also performed with Alvin Ailey, received inspiration to create her choreography, “Apres La Pluie,” from the wonderful special needs students with whom she works.  “Often we take for granted our ability to walk, talk, see, sing, or even dance.  Imagine not having a voice or waking up and having lost it all.  Frustration with our inabilities often escalates with the need to express ourselves in some way.”

Meghan Rudorfer, a CBT instructor who also performed with Martha Graham 2, created “Energyia” based on some of the fundamental movements and techniques associated with Modern dance today. Set to Dvorak’s beautiful music, the choreography allowed the dancers to bring movement to life.

For the CBT emerging artists, dance is an avenue for self-expression and a marvelous venue to use their depth of feeling in a positive way.  


For more information about Classical Ballet Theatre, its April production of The Sleeping Beauty, and its classes for students of all ages, please visit http://www.cbtnva.org.


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