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Pookie July 08, 2014 at 02:24 PM
And Pamela, you're the nut bag's lackey..I don't agree with bow-hunting as a means of controllingRead Moreth e deer population, there are more humane methods, we need to evolve our thinking.
Pamela Findley July 09, 2014 at 01:35 PM
Pookie, I checked out the link you posted. While the procedure does seem to have some merit, it is Read Morestill a very long way from being a financially feasible and effective control method. I would be interested in knowing the cost per procedure and what the mortality rate is, during capture, during surgery, and postoperatively. It can work to an extent in a closed population, as was done in MD a few years ago, and I would love to see it done in more areas, if it could be done safely and cost-effectively. The fact remains that there are far more deer in Fairfax County than could be handled currently by this method. There were only 18 deer spayed this year, which barely puts a dent in the population. As this method moves forward, there is still a need to cull the herd in a more humane method than vehicularly. Furthermore, I don't appreciate your personal, derogatory attacks on me and other posters on this thread. If you can't defend your position without personal attacks, then, IMHO, you don't deserve any response whatsoever. I suggest you consult more than one source on the topic, if you haven't done so. I agree that there are unethical and/or unskilled hunters, as in any activity, but the majority that I know almost always make a clean kill, and if not, they end the suffering quickly. One more question for you: Are you a vegan and/or do you wear non-animal sourced clothing? This is and can be a good discussion, if all involved maintain an open mind.
Pookie July 10, 2014 at 11:37 AM
Pamela, well I can't seem to reply to your post so I'll write a new post. This is the fifth post on Read Morethis topic I've joined including a lengthy one in the Washington Post, I'm frustrated with the lack of empathy for the animals who can not speak for themselves and the self interested parties involved. There has been no real study of an overpopulation deer problem in Reston. This was simply a complaint by three homeowners on a residential street in Reston. Who are you to say we need to the cull the herd? We need an assessment to see if we do indeed have a deer overpopulation problem and then we need to look at other methods than bow-hunting to curb the problem if there is a problem. Hunting behind three homes in Reston will not control the deer population, new deer will simply move in, no gain except for the bow-hunting company who can return to kill more next year..why don't you get your facts straight before you go on an attack.